29 Jul '13, 1am

Cheating Miss Silvia. Great step-by-step in how to get your Rancilio Silvia hot faster!

So here it is, but a bit different from the old format - images do pop up, but there's no accompanying text any longer - all the tips are in the thumbnails area. You can click any image to see it in a popup window at full size (about 50kb or more). Now pay attention kiddies! Without further ado, here is a sure fire way to cheat your Miss Silvia! Oh damn, one more ado. I just have to point it out. I would like to thank my lovely and talented partner in crime Jeanette for kneeling painfully on a wooden bar stool so she could snap all of these pictures exactly when I was shouting out "NOW!" during the process. Some 40 pictures later, and we had all we needed! Now, one last time, without any further possible... ah, screw it. Here's the pics!

Full article: http://www.coffeekid.com/archived/rancilio/cheatsilvia


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Photo: Going to miss you Paree! @nicwolfy

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