30 May '13, 3am

Baristing: Mustard

You might think that spending eight hours a day embedded in rather esoteric language would rob me of any motivation to write; and while that may yet become true, it certainly hasn't been the case thus far. If anything, I've come home with more desire to do things - a lot of things, really. I have my training to do, of course, which is rather thoughtless at this point. It requires no more motivation that breathing. I should say, on that front, that I'm pleased with how things are going. Still, I don't want this blog to become a workout log, so I don't expect I'll document the specifics too closely here. In general: Sustainable volume, hills, flat tempo work, and a lot of strength/core stuff. If this sounds more or less like what every other semi-ambitious runner is doing, that's because it is. There is no secret sauce. (Except good mustard.). Still, you can only exercise so...

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Baristing: Day One

baristing.blogspot.com 29 May '13, 4am

Day one, in the books. All went well. I wore khakis and my legs seemed ok with it. Black jeans will probably still happen....