30 Apr '13, 11pm

Thank you to @Café_Nero 4 choosing @ChrissiPoland 2b #ArtistOfTheMonth. Check out if you are an artist too.

We are always on the look-out for new musical talent! Over the past ten years we have featured and promoted many up and coming artists including Einaudi, The Dunwell Brothers Band, Sophie Barker, Newton Faulkner to name but a few. The only condition is that the music fits into Caffѐ Nero (so no heavy metal or rap please) and it will then go before the selection committee. Any artist, manager, label or fan can request a track or tracks to be included. In order to play a track we need the music in a suitable format, which means a fully mastered CD (a few tracks is fine). MP3’s cannot be played so if you have not yet produced at least an EP, please come back to us when you have. We also need the name of the artist and label. In the first instance CD’s should be sent to: Pablo Ettinger Caffѐ Nero Group Ltd 3 Neal Street London WC2H 9PU [email protected] If we add the track a...

Full article: http://www.caffenero.com/community/artist_of_the_month.aspx


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