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@papicooow ゴールドになると12杯で1杯無料だ、あとは、エクストラの注文がいろいろ無料だったりする

@papicooow ゴールドになると12杯で1杯無料だ、あとは、エクストラの注文がいろいろ無料だったりする

Keep the Free Drinks & Eats Coming Collect 30 Stars within 12 months and you step up to the Gold level for one year: Free drink or food reward every 12 Stars Personalized Gold Card Special Offers just for you Once you’re Gold, it takes another 30 Stars to maintain Gold for another 12 months. And since you get a free drink or food reward every 12 Stars, you get at least two rewards just for staying Gold! If you don’t qualify for the Gold level again by your anniversary date (i.e., the date you qualified for the Gold level), you’ll revert to the Green level and lose all your Stars. Don’t let that happen! If it does though, don’t worry – if you earn 30 Stars again within 12 months, you’ll move from Green right back to Gold. We won’t give up on you.

Full article: http://www.starbucks.com/card/rewards/gold


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The LED Gold Rush: Filed under: Energy News

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