26 Apr '13, 6pm

The 3-cup Chemex we sell uses a filter that needs a few folds. It's very simple. Here's a video.

Folding these odd shaped filters is actually pretty simple. After doing it once, you will be able to quickly make a Chemex brew, even while groggy at 6am. Just remember to position the thick side of the filter against the spout.

Full article: http://www.sweetmarias.com/library/node/8735


Heavy and sweet. Two new Bolivias.

Heavy and sweet. Two new Bolivias.

sweetmarias.com 26 Apr '13, 10pm

A Pair of Great Bolivia Additions Bolivia Organic Bolinda with black cherry flavors, simple syrup sweetness and juicy mout...

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hasbean.co.uk 26 Apr '13, 8am

The Disk coffee filter is a reusable filter designed to be used with the AeropressĀ® coffee maker. This allows more oils an...



sweetmarias.com 20 Apr '13, 6pm

1. Open the Chemex-Bonded Coffee Filter into a cone. One side should have 3 layers, the other side 1 layer. Place the cone...