09 Aug '18, 7pm

#Cascara! #Carcara! #Cascara! Guatemala La Bolsa Cascara

We have been working with Maria Elena & Renardo Ovalle Vides' Finca La Bolsa in Guatamela for 3 years now. We are super excited to not only have coffee from the Vides' this year, but also their dried coffee cherries, known as cascara! The dried fruit of the coffee cherry, known as cascara, makes a delicious tea. Add 16g cascara to a loose leaf teabag and steep in 400g water just off-boil for 4 mins. For a more delicate brew, use 12g cascara; for a more fruity brew, use up to 20g cascara.

Full article: https://gimmecoffee.com/guatemala-la-bolsa-cascara/


Cierra la pretemporada

Cierra la pretemporada

laopinioncoruna.es 11 Aug '18, 7pm

Tras pasar el ecuador del partido, el equipo coruñés seguía sin imponerse en el juego, pero sí en el marcador. No le duró ...

Now On Kickstarter: Nomad, A Plant-Based Cascara Energy Drink

Now On Kickstarter: Nomad, A Plant-Based Cascar...

sprudge.com 07 Aug '18, 5pm

And not just any cascara. According to Forbes , Nomad Energy chose to use coffee fruit from the famed Finca Las Lajas micr...

5lb bags

gimmecoffee.com 10 Aug '18, 11am

This lot comes from the Guracho washing station in the Guji zone located in southwest Ethiopia, close enough to Yirgacheff...

What is #cascara, and what should you do with it?

What is #cascara, and what should you do with it?

ptscoffee.com 27 Jul '18, 3pm

Cascara is the dried skin of the coffee fruit. (Coffee "beans" are the seeds of that fruit, which is commonly referred to ...


lacolombe.com 14 Aug '18, 7pm

The only thing better than cold brew, and the only thing better than lemonade, is the two together. Crafted with lemonade ...