26 Jul '18, 3pm

Harassment at Work—Bystander Intervention https://t.co/BYc3eixI00

Proactive intervention encompasses any messaging you use to communicate that harassment will not be tolerated. Maybe this means having a sign on the bathrooms indicating that they are gender neutral, or using your social media to promote organizations that represent marginalized groups. As individuals, you can also make yourself a “green dot” by sharing a link about bystander intervention or talking about a training you attended with your friends. Regardless, the point of Green Dot training, and trainings in general meant to empower folks to intervene, is to overcome the barriers that might keep people from speaking up. Even if you’re shy, or you’re unsure about the relationship between the people you see fighting, or if you think your coworker might be mad for stepping in, a simple check-in is worth the effort.

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