06 Jul '18, 3pm

The Batak is Back!

Fresh, sparkling acidity, with juicy flavors of wild strawberry and green apple, balanced by deeply structured flavors of pure cacao, cedar and herbal qualities of geranium and fennel. This is a huge coffee possessing great balance through a broad range of flavor dynamics. We consider it a “next level” wet hulled Sumatran. The Batak Nauli from Lake Toba, Sumatra is back again with another spectacular harvest! Coffee was first brought to Sumatra by the Dutch in the mid 1800’s and the Lintong region to the south side of Lake Toba was where it was initially cultivated. Batak Nauli is the name of the group of 50 women who produce this coffee in Lintong. A “batak” is a group or tribe and the word “nauli” means pretty in Indonesian. The leader of Batak Nauli is named Kotor and she was responsible for the collection of this spectacular micro-lot. One of the dramatic impacts on th...

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