23 Jun '18, 6am

Thanks heaps. Worked a treat. #reset #rancilio #coffeegeek Thermostat test

If your Silvia won't heat up, here are some simple steps you can take to help isolate the problem. Simple things to check first: If the big orange light (BOL) next to the main power switch is steady-ON, but the boiler is not heating up, then the safety thermostat has probably tripped and needs to be reset. After you understand what caused it to overheat, then unplug the machine, remove the top cover, and press the red button to reset the thermostat. If the original problem was caused by a tripped safety thermostat, then the heater will probably work again after you put the top back on and plug the machine in. If you can't figure out what caused it to overheat in the first place, though, then you are running a risk of damaging yourself or your machine when you turn it back on. BOL steady-ON, but resetting the thermostat didn't fix it? Likely to be a burnt out heating elemen...

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Updated retro-modern design, with an integrated milk frother. With its new design, CitiZ&milk continues to please both Nes...