28 Apr '18, 12pm

Soft and Chewy 7-Layer Cookies {Not Bars…Cookies!} via @melskitchencafe #cookies #recipe https://t.co/VGK422hbKn

Thank you a million times thank you… This week is crunch time and I am commited to making 4 dozen rolls and 6 dozen cookies every day so that I will be ready for the missionary send off on Sunday .. I am adding these to the list of cookies I will be making!! If you have any recommendations on which roll recipe is your favorite for making in large volume (I’m thinking the French bread rolls) or favorite crowd pleasers for cookies I’m taking input from you … And any other readers that see this. The baking begins today !!! Thanks for being here … You will be saving me this week because I already have so many to choose from thanks to you

Full article: https://www.melskitchencafe.com/soft-and-chewy-7-layer-co...


Friet van Zwerts uit Eindhoven verovert Singapore

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