23 Feb '18, 4pm

10 Minutes With Cameron Heath

10 Minutes With Cameron Heath

Something I think about when I think about you is radical honesty … when I interviewed you for the Matchbook Coffee Project , you mentioned that you love getting feedback. Why is that? More generally, what is your work style like, and what keeps you motivated? CH: Feedback is a motivator—the only person I want to be better than is myself yesterday. Everyone has their blind spots when it comes to roast; one thing that is pleasant to me might not be so great for someone else. I mean, if you hop in my DMs with a “I wish your coffee didn’t suck,” you most likely wont get a response, but objective feedback is always appreciated. This is also a way I can honor the growers that worked way harder than I did to produce coffee. If I’m not roasting coffee to the best of my ability, I shouldn’t be doing it.

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