23 Feb '18, 6am

Nuova Simonelli MCF, Bill Dakelski

Very happy with MCF, when i first started using it seems like i was constantly having to re-calibrate grind (adjust coarseness level) but after a few years, now i rarely adjust it, maybe it is my approach. All the other grinders I have used could not make actual espresso quality grind precisely. But this one does it handily and quite consistently. I would recommend this Nuova Simonelli mcf grinder for making espresso only, as it is quite fine. I don't think it would work well for drip or french press coffee. One warning would be to not adjust the grind too fine, as there is no safety stop (verified by manufacturer) if you adjust it really fine and then turn it on, it will shear the blades right off. Always adjust the grind from coarse to fine slowly while it is running, to prevent the blades from getting too close and causing damage.

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