13 Nov '17, 4pm

Coffee by Junior’s Served ‘As You Wish’ at Guilder in Portland https://t.co/7mS5ZvEErC

At least that’s what the nefarious Princess Bride character Vizzini might say at such a proposition. Yet that’s exactly what the owners of Portland, Oregon-based Junior’s Roasted Coffee might want to do with the retail packaging for beans they’ve been showcasing at their recently opened Portland retail location, Guilder Café , named after one of the fictitious kingdoms central to the plot of the classic ’80s fantasy flick.

Full article: https://dailycoffeenews.com/2017/11/13/coffee-by-juniors-...


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dailycoffeenews.com 14 Nov '17, 3pm

at Buckman’s Portland headquarters for the second annual event. A modest $60 entry fee gave 45 roasters access to 25 pound...