29 Oct '17, 1am

@Normanito1 Btw, not sure if you saw this thread with brewing/tasting notes:

I just received my 200g of Inmaculada Colombia Coffea Eugenioides Special Selection: WOW. I did a 21g dose and pulled it for 34g (judging by eyeing the flow for a stopping point). It is thinner, and not a lot of crema. It was roasted on the 21st, so 7 days on it. Beans are small and dense. The flavor in a latte is like hot chocolate. The first time I ever got a strong chocolate taste from coffee. I may get another bag or two: pricey, but a luxury thing to offer to guests.

Full article: https://www.home-barista.com/coffees/coffea-eugenoides-t3...


Pi-Controlled Billy From The Saw Horror Flicks

Pi-Controlled Billy From The Saw Horror Flicks

hackaday.com 26 Oct '17, 8am

[David0429] has made a very scary Raspberry Pi controlled puppet . Scary that is if you’ve seen the Saw movies where a ser...