28 Sep '17, 5pm

Global Coffee Platform Broadly Outlines Farmer Income Potential in 11 Producing Countries

Yields could be increased (from 10% in Vietnam to 100% in Peru) over the next five years by improving agronomy practices (e.g. pruning, plant nutrition, weeding, integrated pest management), farm rehabilitation (e.g., rejuvenation/stumping, replanting), and input optimization). Achieving these yield increases across the 11 countries in the study would add 2.5 million MT of annual production by 2027 and generate $2 billion additional farmer income annually at current price levels. Naturally, in order to increase yields farmers would bear additional labour and non-labour costs, though production costs per pound basis would decrease.

Full article: https://dailycoffeenews.com/2017/09/28/global-coffee-plat...