1. 22 Apr '18, 10am

    Nestled within a residential area, Anthracite Coffee Roasters stands out amongst the buildings surrounding it. Anthracite Coffee Roasters is a café chain in Seoul, South Korea and this particular outlet in Yongsan-gu is our favourite. The café occupies the entire old building, with an open-space terrace on the second floor. [url=]Dissertation writing services[/url]

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  2. 23 Sep '17, 11am

    here is <a href="">best coffee percolator</a>. Read the full review for know more a coffee percolator.

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  3. 29 Feb '16, 11am

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    you must see this :-

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  4. 14 Feb '16, 1am


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  5. 14 Feb '16, 1am


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  6. 31 Jul '15, 10pm

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  7. 30 Jan '15, 7am

    What does this have to do with coffee?

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  8. 17 Jan '15, 6pm

    this is nice, really helpful

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  9. 19 Jan '14, 12am

    That is one ugly beast! Is that a frothing wand pitcher? You can get a battery-operated frothing want for 8 bucks that would do the same thing. $230 will get you a really nice real espresso machine with a steaming wand. As a matter of fact, as I'm writing this, I'm looking at an ad on for an Illy Francis X8 for $175. That is a way better use of your hard earned cash to be honest.

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  10. 13 Feb '13, 1am is where the new EMO 4 twin filters are now available. They are a much better pod for nespresso machines because they have a filter at the base of the pod that prevents and back flow of coffee grinds in your machine. People using them need to know that they are not endorsed by nespresso in any way.

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  11. 13 Feb '13, 1am

    I very much admire this inventiveness and it inspired me to try one and have a go myself. You can read the article here
    After all the mischief managed I am sticking to recommending BPA plastic refillable with twin filters, that prevent back flow of coffee grinds in your nespresso machine.
    I found some issues with the steel pod.
    If you only have 1 steel pod then you have to rinse with every cup of coffee. This is hard because when it comes out of the machine it is too hot to touch, so you have to wait a little till it cools to rinse out.. depending on coffee grains the granules can stick in the lid side and need to be flushed out.
    With my choice of ezy coffee pods I can make 3 coffees in a row and not worry about rinsing pods between each cup. They come in pkts of 10 and are affordable enough to have spares in the draw.

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  12. 09 Jan '13, 6am

    My first cup of this took over 3 minutes to make. It appeared to clog and just dripped into the cup. The second cup started spewing all over the counter. Apparently the foil seal broke. I'm scared to use them now.

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  13. 05 Jan '13, 1pm

    I agree with Steph, I too have wasted several of these as they do not brew correctly. Grounds in cup and they seem to clog and make a mess. The ones that have brewed, actually have a great flavor. Seems the cups need to be revised. Even at a discounted price, still too expensive to waste.

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  14. 01 Jan '13, 12pm

    I recently purchased a pork roll from this cafe. Very disappointing. Pork meat was processed and tasteless, not roast pork as one might expect at this price ($8.50). The Asian salad was meagre in quantity. Basically this item was a huge slab of extremely hard bread with very little filling, not what was promised by the waitress who enthusiastically stated it was "delicious". I later contacted the cafe via email to provide feedback and was promptly advised by the cafe owner she would refund the cost but I was never to return to the cafe! I wasn't intending to return but talk about adding insult to injury. Mind boggling marketing from a new cafe yet to establish itself in Leura Village where a plethora of fantastic eateries already exist. I would not recommend this cafe to anyone who enjoys food made with love and forethought, and also punters who appreciate smart service. If you're after a good feed keep walking! 2 out of 10

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  15. 26 Nov '12, 5pm

    I don't think these are a good deal I get alot of grounds in my cup and it does not brew a whole cup

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  16. 16 Oct '12, 9pm

    where can I find these in toronto? so far checked longos, superstore and highland farms and still nothing. can someone help me.

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  17. 13 Sep '12, 3pm

    Jet City hearts Kansas City! We love how you put a plane on it!

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  18. 21 Aug '12, 8am

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  19. 21 Aug '12, 7am

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  20. 08 Jul '12, 5pm

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  21. 28 May '12, 2pm

    Green Coffee Extract - Just wanted to write and say that I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase.

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  22. I want to bay this kind of coffee roaster. How much it cost and how can I bay it. I'm from East Europe, in Bulgaria.

    Thank you

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  23. 11 Mar '12, 11pm

    It looks much better than americano, see big picture here: